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3 Reasons Why Your Clothing Brand Should Start A Fragrance Line

1. Fragrances are an extension of style; without it the look is deficient

When your favorite clothing brand sells a perfume or cologne to compliment the style, it makes sense to buy it from them. You’re going to the designer for a certain look, maybe in hopes of achieving a certain feeling by wearing the clothes. And that “feeling” or “look” isn’t complete without a fragrance.

Also many people view clothing brands in light of accessories. A fragrance will defintely give off a more complete sense in a brand in comparison to brand that don't.


2. Fashion trends come and go, but fragrances are timeless

How many times have you went back to the same fragrance? How many memories do you find yourself sharing with that fragrance? Fragrances are known to have the strongest relationship to human memory from all the senses.

This is a powerful tool for brands that seek to create a lasting cliental.


3. A new fragrance attracts new customers

Many people love perfumes and are perfume enthusiasts. Hearing about a new perfume with great reviews sparks a lot of attention and interest. It is also a fat fact, women are more attracted by how a guy smell than by how he looks. Fragrance is all about attraction and influence.

Therefore starting a fragrance line could be the spark you were looking for!

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