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Exult's Concept

Advice. When your shopping for perfume:

Buy Attar (Oil Concentrate)

This is the only way you're actually getting mostly fragrance. All others types like "Eau de parfum, Eau de Cologne, Eau de toilette, Perfume, etc." All have an Alcohol composition included.

Alcohol is harmful, flammable, toxic and is used as a thinning filler in perfume bottles. Like water, in juice, more water more "juice".

You see, it may be still considered juice, but you notice the quality diminishes. Also, its deceiving because now the alcohol put into perfumes under those compositional names make up 70-98% of the "perfume".


On average, perfume is 100ml & $100. If thats the case, you're actually buying 70-98ml Alcohol. 100 dollar hand sanitizer.

It should be called scented sanitizers at that point. 

Exult however is 100% Fragrance 0% Alcohol

Exult Lions (75ml) have $875-$1250 worth of perfume for just the price of $125

How? we just explained. One lion can actually fill 7-10 bottles if we mix it with Alcohol. 


Also because we're the plug :)


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